15th April 2018.

A day for you to "Desconnect", and to help you reconnect again with family, friends and yourself.

We challenge you to live a day in the past - before the wonderful world of technology, where, asking strangers for directions, joining groups of friends for a drink (and you can't cancel at the last minute via Whatsapp and think it's ok) and talking to someone face to face, was normal.

We invite you to turnoff your phone, leave your laptop at home and disconnect for 24 hours.  We bet you'll notice a difference.  

We'll be organising "Desconnection" activities around with world, with live music, events and social experiments.  


Let's just be more social.


YES.  It is important.


Governments, businesses and communities united across 13 countries by global ambassadors.

Far from it. We believe that technology plays a vital role in today's world. And with a world 

of information at our fingertips, it's easy.  

But let's be more social.  Friend requests 

should be made in person, tweets should 

come from birds and your mobile should not be the first thing you reach for in the morning

We would always encourage the healthy and 

appropriate use of technology, and we do 

know it's often too easy to reach for the 

mobile and zapp through youtube on the sofa at the end of a hard day.  


That's why we're 

encouraging a healthier awareness of mobile usage.  So that one device doesn't replace the most important social skills.

Research now proves that the world is becoming less social.  It's true that we are more connected, yet basic human interaction is changing.  The ability to communicate effectively, to make eye contact when speaking, and social norms are all being altered.

Here's some basic stats which might shock you:

- Over 80% of businesses report that staff waste at least 2hrs a day on mobiles!

- More than 4bn people have a mobile, but only 3.5bn own a toothbrush!

- The average person today will spend over 5.5 years on social media platforms in a lifetime.

We have ambassadors working tirelessly around the world, helping governments, businesses, brands, communities and people just like you, to reconnect with what's important.

We have programs for everyone.  For businesses, for schools and educational establishments and for local governments.


With support from our partners and global media  outlets, we're able to reach an unprecedented number of people around the world.  

Find out what's happening in your country >


We're proud to be working with some of the worlds biggest brands organisations and institutions.  We'll be announcing all of our partnerships soon.  Please stay tuned.

If you'd like to partner with us, please email us directly.  Thank you.

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