Mobility solutions are essential.  And technology is a fundamental part of the way we do business.  

Only now is the business world beginning to consider employee well-being and address the impacts of mobile usage in the workplace.

By listening to the world's leaders, and applying our approach to disconnecting; we've designed programs which can be tailored specifically to help you & your business, work smarter.


Designing your bespoke training package.

Number of employees around the world participating!


We've designed a number of training programs to get you, your business and your employees up and running.

From a basic starter pack, to a full week-long training program, we'll work with you to design the experience to best suit your business.  

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Programs can include:

- Week long individual training program with dynamic video and supporting content

- Lifetime Premium Subscription to SPACE App


- Personalised mobile "black box"


- Workplace meeting room phone boxes


1.  Design a program.  And take the first step in changing your corporate culture.  We can help.

2.  Be committed.  Make sure you're prepared to go the distance.  You'll only get out what you put in.

3.  Be more french.  In 2017 France passed a law which ensure all employees have the "right to disconnect", by essentially prohibiting out of office hours email.

4.  Consider productivity as a long term investment.  Ensuring employees have downtime during the day is proven to increase long term satisfaction and productivity.

5.  "Walk the corridors".  Implement a culture of face-to-face time, rather than relying on the phone.

6.  Develop basic tactics and strategies designed to ensure your employees consider their long-term mobile use.

7.  Bring nature inside.  If you can't get out, consider how you can make your work-space a more productive environment.

8.  Ban mobiles in meetings.

9.  Design spaces to disconnect.

10.  Talk to the experts.  If you're unsure about how to approach this, simply give us a call.


Case Study:  PhotoSlurp 

Photoslurp is an innovative social platform which enables you to quickly find, manage and "make shopable" user generated content across all of your social media networks.  It's one of the up and coming tech startups in Barcelona.

Photoslurp founder Eulogi Bordas, chats about the future of mobiles at work, with Google & Tech Press.

A right to disconnect?

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